Friday, March 30, 2012

The Missing Piece

Today they put in the shower surround!

Hope to get pics that show the whole thing using a wide angle lens on our next visit!

Another thing that can be checked off the to do list! Lovin' it!

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. Are the wide spaces between the pieces of glass going to be filled in with something?

  2. Good question. That's the side of the door with the hinge, the door needs room to swing. The other side is tighter....I'll have to ask ;o)

  3. This is what the contractor said:

    "It is 1/4" and water can come through there. That is how frameless surrounds are. They are definitely not air tight like the framed surrounds. I asked the installer about that when he was there and he said that when you have a frameless door there is always the chance of water coming out. He said that if you want them to come back and install vinyl strips along there they can."


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