Friday, March 2, 2012

Driftwood Candle Holders

I've purchased a nice big clamp, pulled out the extension cord and went to work on a few pieces of driftwood in the backyard.

As promised - here are my results. From the first batch I drilled, I had six that turned out and one that split on me. Kind of bummed because of the one that split. it looked pretty interesting. But oh well....Here are the ones that did turn out:

One was even long enough for two candles.

In addition to drilling the holes I sanded them down a bit to give them a smoother finish. Some pieces, the wood is pretty solid, like regular wood. The others are light,  have lots of holes and chunks missing....lots of character, but a bit more fragile. But when it comes down to it, I can't say I have a favorite, as each one is unique - in its own very special way....ah the stories they could tell, about their life at sea...who knows where it came from, how long it drifted...ignored, till I found them, picked them up and took them home with me....

My lesson learned today are that:
     1)  I need a second clamp to make sure it stays put
     2) That there is a difference between it laying flat on the table and laying flat after I clamped it.
     3) That most of the wood I have it too small to do anything like this with.
     4)  I have to look for the bigger pieces.
     5) I have to think of things to do with the smaller pieces.
     6) That a drill press might be worth the investment.

All in all it was fun, to work with the wood, sit in the sun and "play" with my new tools.

I already have the pictures for Etsy!

Now to just come up with the fitting text to write them up on Etsy...

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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