Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hit the jackpot!

So, the country is in lottery mania. Over five hundred million in the pot. After taxes it would "only" be something in the three hundred million range.....Still a HUGE amount of money.

On the news they reported that of all multi million lottery winners 70% have blown it all. Makes you wonder how much is foolishness and how much is because they are trying to help all the people (Hey, can you help me out, I'm your cousins, cousins cousin) coming out of the wood work to ask for a hand out and they couldn't say no.

No lottery in Hawaii, so no tickets for us...but one can dream....what would I do if I won the jackpot?

Well, it would be sooo, sooo much money, it would be easy to share. So here's my list:

1) I would give some to my daughter and her partner so they could go back to school, get the jobs they want. Enough so they could build and afford the house they need and my daughter could open the business she is dreaming of.

2) I would give some to my son, so he could become independent, have his own place.

3) I would give some to my parents. They already have all they want, just would ensure that they are taken care of and don't have to worry how the $ is doing (They live in Europe) and how it will effect their retirement.

4) I would give some to my sister and brother in law so they could retire a bit earlier.

5) I would give some to my husbands siblings and their families. Make it easier for the kids to go to college. Pay off their mortgages so they would have one less worry.

6) I would give some to my parents in law. Like my parents, they have all they need/want, but it would be for security for what ever lays ahead.

7) I would give some to the non profit I work for. I would have some of the things replaced that have been patched over the years - just because they didn't have enough to replace it.

8) some would go to my favorite charities and causes.

9) Lastly we would move NOW. I would build the lodge that we are dreaming of for our Ranch, a couple of cabins to rent out and have the land taken care of - have good soil brought house, hen house,  Animal barn etc.....

The rest I would invest and save for the future so I don't become one of the 70%.

Your turn! What would you do if you won the jackpot?

Looking forward to your comments!

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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