Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fate of the Grey Heron part II

So I thought I'd follow up and give you the rest of the story on our grey Heron.

I left a few messages for the humane society, but they never got back to me. I tried on more time and I finally reached a person and they told me if I caught it, they would come and get it.

How am I supposed to catch it? He has a long pointy beak and crazy long talons. I don't want to stress the bird and I don't want to get hurt because I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

My next thought was call 911. Maybe they could tell me who would be the right person to contact. They gave me another phone number of the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Called there and you guessed it - no one there. So I left a message. 

In the mean time I posted it on our local news channels Facebook page and asked if anyone had a suggestion. One lady suggested I contact a place called Bird Haven. I called there and it is a volunteer organization and no one was there. So I left another message.

Getting kind of frustrated I went out side to check on the bird and was surprised that he wasn't there anymore. So I walked around to the back and found him in the corner, looking thru the fence at the stream. Looked like the wanted to go thru the fence and just couldn't figure out how. 

I waited till he came out of the corner and then herded him to a spot in fence where the ground underneath has eroded away and hoped he would figure out that he has to go UNDER the fence. And that he did. He made it under the fence and made a bee line to the stream. 

I watched him a bit, as he was walking around, hoping that he would stand a better chance at surviving if he could be in the water where he could eat and drink and be safe from the cat.

Later in the afternoon a woman by the name of Pat called me from the Bird Haven. She told me that the Grey Herons are protected birds. By my description the bird is not terribly injured and that it might heal with time since he is back in his habitat. 

I went back to check on him and he's no where to be seen. So for now all I can do is keep watching and hope that he is ok.

End of story....for now...

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