Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Fate of the Grey Heron

So last night I hear animal screams. Not totally unusual, because we have all these feral cats running around that like to fight in front of our bedroom window...
This time the screams were a bit different and much, much LOUDER! I go out to see a young orange cat and something in the shadows. When my eyes adjusted I discovered it was a Grey Heron! We always have a few around since we live right on the stream/marsh. Interesting to watch them fish.
Anyway, I chased the cat away ( a couple of times) and the bird just sat there. it was like he was looking for a way off the property - kept stretching his wing, not flying away.
I stayed with him/her for a while, to make sure the cat would leave him/her alone. I opened the gate, but he/she wouldn't leave.
I called the humane society - voice mail and no call back.
I got tired and headed for bed.
This morning guess who was outside our door! 

Still here!

Called the Humane Society Hot line one there....left another message....hope someone responds soon.

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