Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quilt or Featherbed?

Living in Hawaii we never really need more than a blanket for our bed, but the temps at the ranch will be a bit different.

Last year, I got lucky and found a nice quilt with a shell pattern. I LOVE that quilt!

Now a light quilt like this is ok for in the Summer, but what about the cooler months and in the winter? I've had feather beds in the past and there is nothing like warming up under the feathers in the winter time. But is it too much for an Idaho winter? We also have to take the fact into consideration that we will have new windows and the bun baker to keep us warm inside....

So, chime in Idahoans! Is a quilt enough or will we be needing something heavier to survive an Idaho winter?

Uh! Wait! I just found this one and really, really like it too.

Maybe this is enough for an Idaho winter temps?

Aloha Hui Hou!


  1. Depends on where in Idaho. I set my heat back to 62 at night. I have a light weight down comforter, flannel sheets and a light weight quilt on my bed. If you only use the quilt, you will need to get flannel sheets, for sure! This has been a very mild winter and I still use all of the bedding I mentioned.

    1. Aloha Vikki!

      Thanks for the input, I'll have to get some more bedding then :o)

      Our ranch is in Canyon County. Following the weather it does fall below freezing there, although they don't get much snow in those parts. What part of ID are you in?

      But in the end, does a girl need a reason to shop? lol

  2. Heidi, I live near Twin Falls. I actually spend quite a bit of time in Canyon and Ada county. My daughter attends the College of Idaho in Caldwell. My sisters live in Meridian and my brother in Nampa.

    You need no excuse to shop!!!

  3. All very familiar city names :o) Maybe I'll see you there!


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