Monday, February 20, 2012

Well that never happened before... x2

Taking advantage of the Presidents day weekend appliance sales and after doing some internet research we were finally able to choose a washer and dryer. If you read my previous post  you'll know we were trying to figure out what would be best. Well we (I) decided that front loading machines would be the way to go for us and we narrowed it down to  the, Frigidaire Affinity Electric Steam Laundry Pair:

FWIW - It's totally a coincidence that it is yet another Frigidaire. 

washer capacity is 4.2 - Dryer capacity is 7.0
On Saturday, Roger and I went to Sears to see if they had this set in their line up and if they could price match or if they had something that could compare. 

At first, the sales person was "taking stink" about Frigidaire. I leaned over and whispered to my hubby that one of the things I learned in sales was, smack talking what you don't have to justify the fact that you don't have it.  Surprise, surprise, right after that he fessed up that they didn't sell that brand. We said it was ok and that we'd look around.

After a bit of browsing the sale guy approached us again and asked what store was selling the pair at that price. I showed him the ad and explained that it wasn't for here, the gentleman started looking online, and didn't find the pair in the Sears data base, but he did find that Sears price matched R C Willey's prices and checked their site. 

When he saw the ad and the price all he could say is that it is an excellent deal and that we should go for it! That was a first!

On Sunday morning I tried to call the store to place the order, just to find out they're closed on Sundays. I didn't want them to sell out before I could get our order in (you never know how many they have in stock), so I went ahead and ordered online. 

This is where the second first comes in - When I printed the receipt I noticed the fine print. They will only deliver if the person that purchased the set is there to accept delivery with the CC that was used to pay for the machines and with a valid State ID....uh-oh! That isn't going to work. Wrote them back and hope to hear from them tomorrow.

Oh and I didn't order the pedestals. I know that it would be good for my back, in the long run, to have the openings at a comfortable height - but I found this DIY project to make my own pedestal. Will think about making it the next time we're there.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the washer qualifies for the energy saver rebate - I like the sound of money finding it's way back into my pocket!

Aloha Hui Hou!

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