Saturday, February 25, 2012

East and North Facing

The kitchen windows have arrived and David and Lisa installed them today

This is before. As you can see, the window is right up in the rafters of the  back lanai  roof  (Hawaiian word for the day Porch = lanai)
Woo Hoo! no mere looking into the rafters!
Insulated and drywalled.
And now the view from the outside - to the left of the door that takes you into the house.

A good chunk higher from the ground  than before  - so the counter can extend past the window
A good bit shorter from the top so we don't have issues with it when the time comes to drywall the underside of the lanai roof.  
Now for the window over the sink:

Kitchen window from the outside before.
New window - you can see where Roger touched up the paint up on the frame of the window last Summer .

Photoshopped it a lot so you can see more. The frame is white, like the other window.
Looks like they've removed the sink too.

They will finish them up on Monday, by adding the casing inside and replacing the siding out side.

So happy! Can't wait till all windows are in! and cash in on the rebate!

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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