Thursday, February 2, 2012

Picking the right tile

Next on the list is picking the tile that will go on the wall and the tile to go on the floor in the bun baker corner.

The bun baker is surrounded by soap stone and the tiles should go along with and compliment it. So that it pops and is a feature in the room.

We've looked at floor tile and I'm envisioning large tile, something like 16"x16" or larger, and no grout lines.

I've narrowed it down to either a porcelain tile:


Pro: it has a nice smooth surface making it easy to clean.
Con: and I have to guess here - the tiles won't be unique like natural tile

or slate:

I like the one in the upper left and lower right corner.

Pro: It's natural tile and each piece is unique.
Con: The surface is not flat making it a bit of work to get the bun baker level and makes cleaning a bit harder.

Summery: the pro of one, is the con of the other - It might boil down to price...but like I mentioned before it might come down to ease of cleaning.

Now for the wall. As in my drawing I really like the stacked stone, with no grout line.

I've picked out 4 different colors and which one depends on what looks best - don't want the corner to be to dark.

These are my favs:

I think this will be the one be go for, but it all has to go together - so I'll have to trust in Lisa and David.

The barn wood we'll be using for the mantle is kinda grey.

So, it's all coming together....can't wait to get it all in.

Aloha Hui hou!

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