Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Light Guides Me

I know. I shouldn't do it, but you just can't help but look and plan what you want your house to look like, or what you want to have in the garden.

So, there I was cruising thru Craigslist looking for a wood trunk like my dad's old army trunk that I had been using as a couch table when I was still living in Germany. One post caught my eye, titled "Junk in the Trunk". What the heck could that be? So I clicked and the seller had 4 pictures, each of a different item and one of them was a sundial.

Loved the aged look of it, and just the fact that it was a sundial - So COOL!

This is the pic that was in the ad

This is latin and means - The light guides me

I called the number in the ad and it was still available. He told me that it was about the size of a dinner plate and that Lumen Me Recit was embossed on the edge. He also said that in the picture it was filled with water. It was then I realized that the sail of the dial, that throws the shadow for the time, was actually a sail boat. It had our name all over it! The price was $40 and he said that he would hold it for us.

I asked Lisa if they were going to be in Boise (where the guy with the sundial was located) and as luck would have it, they were going to be in Boise on Monday and Tuesday.  They were so kind to pick it up for us while they were in town. Thanks so much Lisa & David.

Another thing to look forward to and I can't wait to get my hands on it and find out some more about it.

Aloha Hui Hou!

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  1. I have a very similar sundial. I got mine for a dollar at a Mennonite yard sale. Have you found out anything about them?


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