Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boxing it up

As I mentioned before, since we received word that we had put in the winning offer on the house we have started to purge.

I have moved many times in my life and have given up A LOT. I've lost A LOT. This time around I have the time to give everything a lot more thought, about what I want to save and what I am willing to let go. That means that not only have I been selling, I've been packing. We both have so many things that we know we want to take with us to our new home. I'm shipping everything ahead that we can live without on a day to day basis.

To date we have shipped packages of all sizes; big and small packages, light and heavy packages, square and round packages. Over 50 have found their way or are finding their way to our storage on the mainland.

So far nothing has gotten lost and as far as I can tell everything has arrived in one piece. Woo Hoo!

But now things are getting a bit difficult. I've used all our spare cloths, sheets, towels and blankets to pack and I have a few fragile items left to go. I just might have to splurge on packing package material.

Unbeknownst to me Roger splurged on packaging. According to to new laws, that have come to be since 9/11, you can no longer ship liquids via mail. In other words you can't ship wine. Roger has a small collection of wine (oldest is from 1976) that he has had for quite some time and doesn't want to part with it. The only way we can take it with us is if we put it in our check in luggage. Knowing how the TSA handles luggage we have to take the very possible into consideration - that one of the bottles might break. So Roger went looking and found these bottle bags. You pack the bottle in it and if it should break the bag is full of an absorbent material that would catch all the liquid. Cool huh?

I think this is the right one
My next questions would be, at about $10 a pop - are they reusable? I guess we'll find out on our next trip! Wish us luck!

So, do you have any suggestions, tips or tricks when packing packages? Share them please!

Aloha Hui Hou!

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