Friday, February 24, 2012

Back to making progress

This week our contractors got back to work on our place and they have moved on to the front room.

The built in is history:
Kind of sad to see it go, but looking forward to what will be going in that spot. (sorry it is a bit wiggly - cell phone pic)

I asked them to save the wood - never know what I might want to create/build with it in the future.

Just to make it look more balanced, when we tile the wall, we decided to arch the doorway to the kitchen. I remember that I originally wanted to get the door way arched but our first contractor said if we do that we'd be disappointed in the lost character. I don't think it will be lost - it will let the bun baker shine!

See our pretty Kitchen floors?

Looking out from the kitchen - our fridge now has a little cousin :o)

Can't wait to get the next batch of pictures!

Aloha Hui Hou!


  1. Love your floor! Good luck with the rest of your reno.

    Thanks for visiting me today & following. I'm following back :)

    1. Aloha Anne! Thanks for stopping by for a look! Can't wait till this big stuff is done and I can get to creating the smaller things :o) I might borrow an idea or two or three from you.


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