Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Have you ever heard of Aquaponics? Well, it's a mix of hydroponics and raising fish.

It is a closed circuit system where your plants are planted in a float, that floats in a bed of water. The water that is supplied to this bed comes from a tank that contains fish. This water is enriched by the fish droppings - instant fertilizer! The over flow of the water goes back to the fish tank and what ever the plants give off is also good for the fish.

I don't quite recall how I heard about this, but this is one of the first videos I watched on the subject. Very interesting and very much worth watching.

We are seriously thinking of doing something like this when we get to the ranch. Plants in a green house and the fish in a pond with a little water fall so we get to enjoy the calming sound of a water fall.

I've signed up to a newsletter from Hawaiian based Aquaponics farm that offers classes where you can stay there, live with them and learn to farm the Aquaponics way. Here is a link to their web site:

We've also purchased this book, the first book written on this subject:

Clicking the book will take you to the page on Amazon, where this book is sold.

Another thing we have done is taken part in a seminar the University of Hawaii was offering on Aquaponics. Didn't learn too much there, but did have the opportunity to look at a system for real. For a couple'a hundred bucks you could start a small Aquaponics garden.

When you consider what is in the store bought foods we eat, growing your own veggies and raising your own fish is definitely an alternative worth looking into.

Aloha Hui Hou!

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