Friday, February 3, 2012

And the floor is in!

Lisa sent me a batch of photos of the finished floor. They just did the grouting so it looks a bit "dusty". Once it's washed it will look just like the floor in the bathroom. I do think that the grout is a bit darker than the one in the bathroom.

Once the stairs are clean, they'll go back and stain the edge as mentioned in a previous post.

The stairs turned out great!

They'll finish the baseboard after the surround for the dishwasher is installed.
I think it looks great and I love it! Oh! When I called them to let them know how much I love it David told me that when they removed the vinyl flooring, there were 5 (FIVE!!) layers of vinyl flooring!  Would explain why the surface was a bit wavy and the water puddled when I was cleaning it. Wow! Five layers, can't get over it...

Aloha Hui Hou!

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