Thursday, December 1, 2011

No place is safe

Man, just had a strange dream. In my dream I was standing together with a group of people and there was an uncomfortable silence. Then one of them started talking about building something with a Kreg jig - mid sentence, out of the blue they start talking about the cool things you could do with it, how much stronger things you build are when you use a Kreg Jig.

Then a few of them start joining in, reciting the same thing as if it was a song. They were smiling, showing thumbs up, bumping thumbs. Even I was joining it. Everyone was sooo happy!

I wake up and the TV is on and guess what commercial is on TV? You got it the Kreg Jig! Kinda gave me the willies, that a commercial can sneak it's way into my dreams.

All dreams aside, I had looked into the Kreg jig before because I wanted build some furniture and make new doors and drawers for the Kitchen. Maybe even new doors and drawers for the closet in the green  bedroom (that will be the grey/white bedroom when I'm done with it).

Will have to look into it again after we move. No sense in ordering it now and schlepping it from Hawaii to Idaho.

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