Sunday, December 11, 2011

Plans change...again

So, the bathroom is empty and the contractor came up with a totally different lay out....totally.

I was hoping not to move things around too much and he went whole hog. That's why they get the big bucks and I don'  This is what he came up with:

We are going to ditch the half wall by the toilet , but other wise we really like it. By moving the elephant in the room (the shower)  to where the toilet was he took care of our problem with the window and our problem with the floor space. It also lets me have the sink I originally wanted. It's all one piece and plenty of extra space to the right and left.

The vanity below will be custom made out of real wood. Roger insists on that. The flimsy board things are made of today, just don't last. This is my idea of what that should look like. What the carpenter thinks and what is possible may be another thing entirely.

Still want to keep the original medicine cabinet and would add lighting and two cubbies. One will have a socket for my fabulous 30 second smile toothbrush. Might have glass doors put on the cubbies made out of the same glass as the shower stall....I have no doubt that by now my contractor knows that I like things tidy and behind

The things you see on the right and left are pull out towel racks - one for Roger, one for's a real German thing.

The shower will look something like this, just with the angled corner and brushed nickle hard ware.
We are torn between the mat and rippled glass. First we agreed on mat, but that was when the shower was in front of the window - back in the corner it might be too dark with mat glass. Roger says either will be ok with him, so I think I might jump over to the rippled glass.

Oh! Another cool thing about this glass - hang on to your seats - they are self cleaning! We are having lots of success with the scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner - but we have a shower curtain we can toss in the washer if the need be. Love the thought that the glass is self cleaning and less work for me!

Next comes a pet peeve of mine. Ever since I had my first apartment I HATED cleaning around the bottom of the toilet. All the nooks and crannies where dust and muck collect and you have to get down on all fours to clean it up. My eyes aren't the greatest and I ain't gettin any younger.! So I picked out a toilet where this will no longer be my's a simple straight, straight straight down to the bottom toilet- not forgetting to mention the dual flush system. Love it!

 So, this is it for starters....On Monday they will start putting in the shower pan. Off we go!

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