Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goldilocks and the 3 Garmin mounts

One of the first things we bought in preparation for our trip over to Idaho was a Garmin Nüvi. Sure, we could of done it the old fashioned way by using maps - but we like keeping up with
Along with the Garmin Roger purchased a window suction mount. Just like this:
We had a few problems. First problem was that the clip that holds the Garmin cracked and wouldn't hold the Garmin Lady up, it's so top heavy it always pointed down so you couldn't see what was coming up. It also either kept falling off the mount or the whole thing would fall off the window.

About halfway thru our trip we decided to buy a new mount. We bought one at Radio Shack and isn't only for a Garmin, it is for a various kinds of electronics. This is kinda what it looks like this:

Well, it fell apart as soon as we unpacked it, luckily I was able to fix it. We also discovered that it is totally unpractical.  First it jams up the vent so that you can no longer adjust where the air goes. You can't really tell in this pic, but there is a little support on the bottom that is supposed to stabilize the unit - BUT if you drive over a bump or gavel road, the support slips and the whole thing flies around. Worst of all, the adjustable part that holds the Garmin does not allow room for the plug in back, so you have to hold the Garmin off center so you can charge it. Off center means top heavy and it flips around. Very poor design, flimsy from A-Z. Returned it Radio Shack as soon as we got home.

Would like to say Kudos to Radio Shack - No problem exchanging something from another state. Thank you Radio Shack!

At home we had a spare suction cup mount and pulled it out the other day to drive to the lot where they took Itsy after the accident.

I had just cleaned the inside windshield with that kind of stuff that prevents fogging and it took several tries before the suction mount would stick. In addition, the distance between the windshield and the lighter for the charger is kinda far so the charger cable was stretched and kept causing the thing to fall off the windshield...again :o( I suppose that the universal mount isn't so universal at all.

We needed something that would work no mater which car we were driving and wouldn't become an accident waiting to happen while driving. I checked out Amazon and found this one:

You can find this one on Amazon
It's nice and heavy and has a anti-slide bottom. I also liked the $15 price tag.

Roger tested it today - PERFECT. The charger doesn't have to stretch so far and it stayed put. If you're looking for a better option - we can highly recommend this one!

Happy Traveling and Aloha Hui Hou!

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