Monday, December 19, 2011

Country Kitchen Sink

Even before we bought the house I was looking at sinks. Here in Hawaii I've only had single sinks and really miss the double sink I had in Germany. I also have grown very fond of the farm house sinks. 

After looking at about a gazillion photos I found this one

It's new and the skirt and the depth like a farmhouse sink but has vintage style. The only thing standing between me and a sink like this - is my wallet. This baby costs over $1600 (or $2400 - depending what sites you look at) and you can add another $150-300 for shipping! I would love it, but just can't justify the cost.

After we bought the house I looked some more and found a 1950's sink double sink with double drainboard - like this one on Craigslist:

Lots of room for Roger to splash around (he's the dishwasher of the house), the vintage look and the right price. A triple play! The seller was willing to hold it until we came in July and that's what we did. When we were there in July we took a closer look. It had a couple of chips, but other wise looked really good. so we took it home.

The sink has been sitting in our shop since July and today I got in touch with a guy named Tony that specializes in refinishing vintage sinks. As soon as he can hook up with the contractor, he'll be picking it up and making a new penny out of it.

Another step closer and a bit more excited!

Aloha Hui Hou!

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