Saturday, December 17, 2011

Keeping the furnace humming

So, as a first time home owner a whole new world of obligations has been opened to us.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago we had to fill the fuel tank. When I talked to my dad he said that we might need to get the filters and the injection nozzle changed. Our contractor recommended a company that they had been working with for years, that they might know what can be done.

No sooner said than done  - I scheduled  a tune up for our furnace - which by the look of it, is from the 70s.

I did a bit of research and found some info in one of my favorite magazines Mother Earth News. So If you are a first time home owner like we are and your home has a oil burning furnace - this is a list of what is recommended to do once a year for your furnace:

  • combustion chamber cleaned thoroughly or replaced
  • heat exchanger cleaned
  • oil-pump pressure checked and regulated, if needed
  • oil filter replaced
  • all operating and safety controls checked
  • pump and blower motors checked and oiled
  • barometric draft regulator checked, adjusted, or replaced, depending on its condition
  • burner fan, motor, electrodes and transformer cleaned and lubricated
  • oil pump bled (if necessary)
  • nozzle replaced (you should do this every year)
  • leaks into the unit sealed
  • potential of "baffling" installation assessed (important in older units)
  • final combustion tests completed; tag attached to the heating system which shows the final combustion efficiency.
This information is from a Mother Earth News

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