Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ring ring = Cha-ching

The contractor called today and I knew something was up. Have you ever had a call like that? You know the difference,  there are the "Hi Heidi!" calls where you can feel the smile coming thru the phone. Then there are the "Hey Heidi.....(pause)'s me...(pause)" calls where you can tell, just by the sound of the callers voice that it's going to cost MONEY.  This was one of those calls.

A week or so ago our contractor texted me that the oil tank gauge shows that the tank is half empty we are going to need to get it filled. We were told that the seller filled the tank half full for the closing and the house inspector told us that we should fuel up when the tank was at 1/4 full. So that's what I told the contractor, we'll wait fill it up at a 1/4.

 Well guess what? He tells me that the gauge is stuck at half full. He took it apart and said it now shows empty.

picture from the inspection

So we don't know if they put some oil in the tank at closing like they said they did (don't have a receipt for it) or not. Chalk another one up to disappointment and we"ll never know.

I got on the phone and placed an order for $600 worth of heating oil. I have no idea how big the tank is and no idea how long the oil I'm getting will last. The person from the oil company said that 100 gallons will last us, depending on how well the house is insulated, about a month.  Looks like this is going to be our biggest - not living in our home expense.

Aloha Hui Hou!


  1. What did you pay for a gallon?

  2. they charged us $3.769 and then they charged us $17 for using a credit card.


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