Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I had a hunch about a hutch

After we put the bid in on the house my mind went into decorating mode. From my morning walks on the beach I knew that I wanted a calming color pallet of ocean blues and greens. This photo is the inspiration for the colors I planned to use.

So, while I was thinking of what I would like to put in the room, a vision of a cabinet popped into my mind and I started to draw my vision with photoshop, I was thinking of something like this.

Something with lots of storage, a bit of a cottage look to it. I was thinking of making it myself. But being the perfectionist I am, I knew I wouldn't be satisfied. So I started looking for carpenters. But with out measurements I couldn't get an idea of what it might cost to make.

Of course I was already scanning Craigslist for an old brass bed and one day a "60's Hutch" popped up and I fell in love. Only problem was it was long, long before we would fly over for the closing. I wrote the seller and asked, if she was wiling to to hold it until we came over in July. To make the pot a bit sweeter, I offered her a bit more and she agreed.

As soon as we had the truck empty we drove over to pick it up. She told me that so many people tried to buy the hutch after I sent her the money. But she stuck with the commitment she had with me. Really nice people!
So may I present my Hutch

You may notice it has some similarity to the one I drew. A bit smaller and has a top part, but still similar. I plan to have a slip cover made to cover the area between the top and bottom of the hutch. The cover will be made from some of the wood from the shed out back. 

Hope to meet with a carpenter on our next trip over. Excited!

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