Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Accidents happen

Roger and I have this thing going on. He leaves for work at around 4:50AM, and around 6AM I get the call that he made it to work safely. I feel better knowing that he made the hour plus drive from our place, along the coast to the North Shore safely. Sometimes he'll get busy right away and I'll give a quick call "to have a piece of mind"*.

November 7th was different. At around 5:30 AM my work phone rings. Wondering who could have a problem this early in the morning, I pick up. It was Roger. My first thought is that he forgot something, wanted me to check something. But no, he tells me he's had an accident, by the Hygienic Store. He always says that's the area he fears the most, because it is not well lit and "crazy people cross the road wearing dark clothes". Roger is so worried about driving thru there that he even turns off the radio so he can give the road his full attention.

Poor guy, he's a bit shaken, but he is able to tell me that he was ok, just got the wind knocked out of himself and that he hurts. He was also able to tell me that he wasn't at fault, that the guy took his right of way.

About 15 minutes later Roger calls me again, said the police were finishing up and asks if I could come and pick him up.

As I drive over I have the radio on and the news guy says that an accident just popped up over by the Hygienic Store and that the road was blocked in both lanes and traffic was being detoured thru the Store parking lot. Kind of a strange feeling when you hear that and you know your loved one is involved.

From a distance I see the flashing lights. I see Roger sitting in a chair in front of the store. Because of the closure I have to pull into the gas station across the road.

What a mess. There is our Itsy, all banged up. The airbag was hanging limply out of the steering wheel, like a sad party left over.

The other car was a pick up truck. The impact of the accident must of been great because the trucks front tire was broken off the axe.

Roger says he was coming down the road and the truck just pulled out of the gas station, to cross the road. Not making a great effort to get out of the way. Roger tried to avoid truck, but there was no getting away.

The ambulance was there, but Roger said he wanted to go home. Would rather go see the doctor later. So that's what we did.

We got home and I checked him over. You could see that there was a bruise developing across his tummy and chest. Over the course of the day it went from a shadow to a HUGE bruise that covered his entire tummy (1foot+ by about 2 feet large bruise). The one on his chest was about fist size. A week and a half later the tummy bruise is fading, the one on the chest is still going strong.

When he was ready we drove to Honolulu and they checked him over and took some x-rays. For now he was sent home with some codeine pills and told it will take some time for it to feel better.

The next day we went over to the junk yard to take a look at our Itsy - she looked sad.

From what the insurance lady told me, in most cases when the airbag deploys, it means that the car will be deemed a total loss. And that's what happened. Heard from them yesterday and our insurance will be paying for the car and we will be getting some money back. So that's a good thing. Sad thing is it will take about 30 days to get the police report and find out if the other guy was insured or not. Hate this waiting.

Roger says he is still sore and can't wait for it to go away...

So that's that for now...

Aloha Hui Hou!

* Inside joke - This is a commercial we laugh about....happy that the woman can get a "piece" of mind....

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