Sunday, November 27, 2011

What should we do with the hole?

The previous owners had planned on building a 2nd house right behind the main house. They had the foundation ready and it looks like the plumbing is there for it too. But for what ever reason, they never got around to putting it up. 

So now we have this HUGE 40'x60' foundation and are unsure what to do with it. We've been told that some critters have made their home under the boards and I don't want to encourage racoons, skunks, wasps or the likes to hang around that close to the house.

Part of me just wants to knock it down, fill it with soil and put up (or is it in?) some kind of deck/patio/lanai. Then again, leaving it as deep as it is gives us some other cool options. We could put in a sunken outdoor living room that would protect us from the outdoor fireplace, bread oven, outdoor kitchen, little pool....perhaps sell a kidney while I'm at

So here is the "hole":

The window to the right is a kitchen window and the window on the left is in the wood bedroom
Here is another view from the back corner
This view is from the irrigation pump - See how big it is? More that 2x's bigger than the entire house.

Here in the left part of the photo. The yellow ribbon runs around the edge of the foundation.

I'm a planner and a dreamer....The proportions are all off...but this would be kinda cool..

One can dream....

So, what would you do with it???


  1. That's pretty big for it all to be a deck. How about digging it out some more and put in a pool for Roger to keep up his dive skills? Or a root cellar? or maybe put in a few tanks to collect some water in for the yard/garden?


  2. I was thinking about a root cellar and it would be right across from the kitchen....not a bad idea...and the cisterns are a good idea too....will look into that ;o)

  3. I've given up the idea of putting a deck on top of it...

  4. ok, here we are, years in the future and still have the hole out back. Dreams of sunken garden come to mind......


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