Thursday, November 24, 2011

stack 'em high

I received the pictures of the yard and what a difference! From the first batch of photos I can see that they trimmed the "grass". The yard has more weeds than anything. I'll worry about grass when we live there. For now, keeping it short and tidy is enough.

cut down all the tumble weeds and cut the grass

This view is from the mailbox at the front of the drive way

This is the view from the front, looking to the back.
The pines and the birch are gone. Look at all the wood back there! 

and the grapevines are gone too!

Because of the ditch and the lack of a weed whacker we didn't clean out around the trees when we were there. They did a good job of it.

Here is another view of all the wood. What do you think Dad?

There was a lot of tumble weed growing right here - looks so much better.


This is the drive way, looks like 3 trees were removed. Might nave to take that one to the right down too. We'll see when we're there.

This looks so much tidier too

The trimmed the stuff in front of the shop too

This is the base of the irrigation ditch.
It looks like the county came, put a pipe in and covered it up. Makes us sad that we won't hear the water splashing when we sit under the trees out back.

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