Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm stuck on you...

So I've been thinking and thinking about the kitchen, no real big surprise there, right? A thought just came to my mind about the back splash. I know that I want a subway tile back splash, but was having a hard time deciding what kind of tile I wanted to add to it so it isn't too plain.

Sooo looking forward to all that storage in the kitchen!
Just so you get the idea of what I have planned for the kitchen; the cabinets will be an off white and stained to look a bit more aged, the counter top, depending on the budget will either be Silestone or Formica. Which ever it winds up being, we want it to be neutral color a bit darker than the cabinets, but not too dark so it makes working in the kitchen dark. Our splash of color will be things like the cobalt blue Kitchenaid stand mixer Roger bought for us.
A lucky Craigslist find
As I said, I was thinking about the back splash and it hit me, the decorative stripe should be be stainless steel tile! It will match our appliances and I can hang magnet hooks, my spices and such where ever and when ever I need them with out having to ruin the tile or worry about removing old tape when the hook breaks or I want to change styles over the years. It would look something like this. So looking forward to doing this when we go over next summer :o)


  1. Hi:

    Most stainless is nonmagnetic. Check it out befor you buy. I don't know if the magnets can hold much weight!



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