Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

My latest computer scribble
It's already Thanksgiving? How did that happen? With Christmas everywhere you look it's hard to get in the mood for Thanksgiving. After Halloween, Christmas is my favorite holiday - being a Christmas Baby and all - but putting up the decorations 2 weeks before Thanksgiving? What the heck? I'm not thrilled with this new trend at all. It seems like it's all about the mighty $$ and not about the magic of Christmas. Not that it hasn't been about sales for just seems they are pushing it even more.

For what it's worth, it's totally killed my desire to do anything for today and I've given Roger free reign of the kitchen. Looking forward to what he cooks up.

I do want to wish you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving and am thankful for all of you. I'm thankful that my husband and my son had no major physical damage from the auto accidents they each had. I'm thankful for my independent daughter who is level headed and goal oriented. I'm thankful that we are all over all in good health. I'm thankful that my Fireman son by partnership has stayed out of harms way. Bless you all.

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