Sunday, November 20, 2011

There's snow on dem der hills...

Well, got word today - it has started to snow in Idaho! Hee hee...that rhymes!

Anyway, the folks cutting down the trees said that they had to take a break because of the snow and will get back to work on it on Monday. Can't wait to see the after pictures and see how much wood and mulch we made out with.

In Germany we heated the house with wood....and my dad always spent a lot of time in the forest, cleaning out what ever spot the forester assigned to him. Bring the wood home using his little 2 horse power vineyard tractor.

I remember a day that he had gone over to a spot near the village soccer field. He had been gone all day and we were waiting and waiting for him to come home - getting worried. This was back before cell phones (yes there was a time without cell phones) so we had no way to find out what was going on other than wait.

Around 5 or so in the evening we hear the putt putt putt of the tractor and run out to see what took him so long. As he backed into the drive way you could tell he was a bit....let's say upset.

He turned off the engine and when we asked what happened he told us that the tractor got stuck in reverse as he was getting ready to pull the load home and he had to detach the trailer and ride the 8 or more miles home backwards....with 2 horse power - that took forever. We started laughing and in spite of himself, he had to join in too.

Wonder what kind of wood making adventures we will have?

Aloha Hui Hou!

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  1. Have a few corrections and additions for you.
    The name of the tractor was Lanz-Varimut The tractor had 15 horsepower and was a 4 wheel drive vineyard tractor. It was the first of it's kind.
    It had 5 speed transmission and could load 2.5 cubic meters of wood. Just enough to wear you out in one morning.

    This tractor was tested against a tractor with twice the Horsepower and my little won the tug of war. It was geared so low it could go straight up a wall. The body was made out of cast iron and only the fenders were sheet metal.
    It was built by Lanz Tractor company, which later wss bought by John Deer.
    The motor was a diesel motor with a horizontal piston, which drove the gear box through gears.
    It was also great for plowing snow - to the detriment of the neighborhood kids that wanted to sled down the road.

    I loved my little tractor



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