Wednesday, November 16, 2011

There is a hole in your bucket...

Naturally we had a home inspection when we bought the house. The inspector said  "the roof shingles were at the beginning of their useful life"., but he found a hole where the previous owner had an antenna/satellite dish and some of the ridge caps were missing. We knew it was something that had to be repaired.

While there in July we hooked up with a contractor and told him this was on top of our priority list of things to get done.

So, there we were in September the roof hadn't been repaired yet and this commercial pops up


I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT! We wanted that fixed before critters start looking for a winter home. So I try to reach the guy we hired but he never responded when called, texted or emailed. When I finally did reach him, I got a bunch of excuses why he hadn't repaired it yet. I'm working on the big job (told me that on for the same job twice), I haven't had a chance to make it all the way over there yada, yada, yada. After he finally went out to do the fix, I found out he only did half the job.  - "Oh I forgot about that" was the answer we got to that. 

That got me on the internet REALLY fast, looking for roofers to take care of the job for us. The company that finally finished the job called back on the same day with a quote and completed the task in the same week. That's the way, ah-huh ah-huh I like it, ah-huh ah-huh!

In the short time we've owned the home I have come to realize that the BBB is a good place to start looking. That finding someone that can do the job that lives in the same town is my best shot - They seem to respond quick, don't mind stopping by the house to look and are happy to have the work.

No raccoons in the attic for us!

Aloha Hui Hou!

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