Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's in a name?

So, by now you'll be wondering how we came up with the name of the Ranch.

Well, here we go. When we flew over to take possession of the house we had already been thru a few tough days. Problems with the lender, problems with the title, problems with the notary....then when we got there we lost a few more days because things were still not completed. We had to spend a bunch on extra hotel nights...and, and, and...We were upset and tired, but Roger kept my volcano temper down and we waited patiently for everything to fall into place so we could get the keys...

On one of the extra evenings that we stayed at the Mr. Sandman Suites in Meridian we were watching TV and a reporter was talking about a turtle. That you can never rush a turtle - Now those of you that don't know, when I met my husband on line he was going under the ID of Turtleguy. We looked at each other and we knew that that was going to be the name of our ranch.

Would like to get this made of metal and treated with acids to get cool coloring effects.
Naturally I didn't waste any time coming up with a sign that I hope to someday have across the driveway :o) What do you think?

Aloha Hui Hou!


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