Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Light Room

I don't know why I call it the light room, because it wasn't really was't light. Maybe because it is lighter than the wood room?


West facing wall
The dark green paint on the one wall made my painting hand shake with fear. 

I know I was going to have to prime that sucker to DEATH, and that's exactly what happened. To prime this small room I needed a whole gallon of primer...yes, a WHOLE gallon. I was so frustrated and tense that my right hand started to hurt and I had to beef up the handle of the paint roller to ease the grip of death. 

Then I thought a bigger roller might make a difference, but it didn't it just sucked up and held more paint, didn't cover any better.

In the upper most corner above the doorway there was one spot of blue, that even after 2 coats and several more dabs of primer, just kept bleeding through.

I ended up taping a very thin layer of masking tape and  painting over that. THAT finally did the trick.

The closet, keep the doors? New doors? Keep the doors? New doors?

I did have the carpenter come take a look at them and see if they could be saved and he said he could do what I wanted, but I don't think that it would look any better. It would still be the tired door, frame and trim, just with a bit of routing done to it. 
I have to face the music and will reface the closet and have new doors and drawer fronts made. Some time down the line. 

I'll keep you posted.


It took me a whole day to paint this room and NOW you can call it the Light Room.

It's light and airy and I really love how the wood floors pop!

We didn't move the bed over till the last day we were there, so we haven't slept in there yet. I wonder if we will sleep as cozy and warm as we did in the wood room...

There are some things I did come to realize though:
  1. This room is either a foot or so narrower than the wood room or the window is bigger because there is very little space on the side of the bed in the corner (thought they measured the same, go figure). 
  2. I won't be able to get the night stand lights that I had been dreaming of
  3. I'm glad we didn't do the reclaimed wood on the headboard wall. It would have very over powering and would have crushed the size of the room. I went online and found there is wall paper that looks like reclaimed wood. That might be an option. Or I'll get the birch tree stencil I was looking into in this entry.
  4. Oh and we DO need a feather bed - which we bought when we went shopping at IKEA
  5. I'm going to have to shop/sew some kind of curtain. I'm thinking something airy, gauze like, swept to one side.
PS: Since this picture was taken we have had white blinds installed.

That's all for now.

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. Yes! Now it's good to call it the light room! I love the floors! Can't wait to see the what you decide for the headboard!
    I'm now following!

    1. Aloha and thanks for following Cristina!

  2. It looks very inviting! Why don't you move the bed over a little bit in front of the window? Then you could still get your nightstands and lamps.

    1. Aloha Peggy!

      I guess it's just me, but I don't want the headboard/bed to be in the way of the window.
      I have to have it that way here and it tics me off to no end every time I want to clean the windows or wash the curtains.
      Even if I did move the bed in front of the window the window would be in the way of where I would need to mount the light I wanted. But no worries, it means I get to rethink and redesign until it's done <3


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