Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mantle Clock

So I finally got to put my little hands on it. The mantle clock I discovered on Craigslist and mentioned a few months ago.

The wood needs some TLC, I need to replace one of the feet in the front and the glass is scratched up a bit - but over all a real treasure.

On this trip I wanted to do so much more, but all I could do for the clock was put in a new quartz movement.

It was easy enough to take apart and put in a new movement, especially if you have been putting quartz clocks together for as long as I have.

The tapered shaft of the new movement had a different shape so I was not able to reuse the original hands of the clock. The ones that were included with the movement were gold, don't dig that too much - But the clock works!  As far as the hands go, I'll paint them next time, maybe even swap them out.

All in all, knowing that I can keep the existing face plate and just have to clean up the wood makes me very happy.

I placed it on the mantel for now, hoping to put it on top of the hutch once we have that in place.

Can't wait to get my hands on it again!

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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