Sunday, July 15, 2012


Like I said, I've been bitten by the Pyrex/milk glass bug. I plan to find, resort and resell while I'm here and collect a bit more for the house when we are over there.

That was until to day and I found this baby caught my eye. I paid $8 and took it home with me, thinking it would look great in the light bedroom and a bed side light.

I took the picture after I cleaned it up. but you should have seen it, it was filty. The clear part was all hazy with a layer of scum. The knobs all had dark shadows. 

While cleaning  I did notice a chip on the base of the lamp

Not to worry, I was happy to find that I can get a replacement on eBay. Another thing I found on eBay was that someone had the exact same lamp!

Looks like it's rare and worth, according to this seller, about 10X's what I paid for it. Cool! Now my thoughts are torn between wanting to keep it for myself and selling it....

This is going to be a tough one folks.

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