Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Step at a time

The stairs to the basement, putting it mildly, are scary.

The lighting is poor, the risers and side pieces are all scuffed up, the paint on the treads is chipped (some kind of texture paint), the hand rails are mismatched - chances are the previous owner made the one on the right.

On this trip we had the electrician put in a track light with 5 LED lights that we can point any which way. It makes a big difference.

The light only highlighted how bad it really was.

I don't think I will be able to paint the high walls and ceiling. Hubby thinks he can, but I still am going to get a bid for what it would cost for a professional to paint the walls and ceiling.

Still, thoughts of bead board on the lower half of the wall are going thru my mind, new railing and I also thought of tiling the stairs with the same tile as the upper steps.

Then the commercial from Lowes came to mind. Don't know if you've seen it, but they have the risers painted in different colors.

Photo Credit

Something like this. I really like it and I have four different colors of paint in the basement. Sound like a possibility to me!

Naturally this hit to me on my last painting I was cleaning the brush I was using in the light room....which was the last room I painted.

I hurried down and counted out the risers and painted two. Of course it's gray and you can't really see the color, but those two risers looked good. Can't wait to finish it up next time!

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. That would be so cool. To have multi-colored risers. I don't know if I would be able to be bold enough to use really different colors, but even the same color in different shades, for an ombre effect would be fantastic! Can't wait to see how it comes out!

    1. Aloha Kim! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing it too!
      As for colors I have a historical yellow, a pale blue, an aqua and a grey. I dipped popsicle sticks into the paint and they look pretty good next to each other.

      Stay tuned!


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