Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Artist

On our trip we found a little more out about the lady that used to own our house. As I posted before, she was a metal artist and made beautiful things. She even made something for the town of Caldwell:

It is a pedestrian bridge in the heart of Caldwell. If you look, just beyond the bridge you'll see a pavilion. Is is in this area they hold the weekly farmers market.

Couldn't resist putting a bit of blue sky in there. It was actually a pretty rainy day.
Looks like water scene with ducks, swans and herons

She achieved contrast by polishing some surfaces and flaming others.

Relt right at home when I saw the gecko.

This part depicts the salmon run. I was amazed to learn that the salmon actually swim all the way upstream into Idaho to spawn.

We were told the eagles, that I posted here, were ordered by Canada for the Olympics. They ordered 3 and then only took 2. Which was a great financial loss for her. She also made a mountain lion for some nearby town. Next time we will have to take a tour, looking for her other art pieces.

So sad to think that she has carpel tunnel so bad that she can no longer create such beautiful things.  Lastly we heard that she no longer lives in Idaho.

Aloha a Hui Hou.


  1. She needs a good hand surgeon....carpal tunnel can be fixed! I am enjoying reading about your ranch....what a switch from Hawaii!

    1. Aloha Lynda! I think she had it done so many times that they can't do it anymore. :(

      Glad you're enjoying our ranch! :o)


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