Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I really like the warmth and the feel of the wood room and would like that feeling for the light bedroom too, just not as much. Thinking of using reclaimed wood on the West wall of the room.

Kind of like this

I plan to paint the walls a light shade of grey. The ceiling and the built in will be white.

Built ins and trim will be painted white.
 The new windows will be white and the casings will be white too. Just like in the bathroom.

This is the West wall that I would like the wood on
I was also thinking of the South wall and remembered the wall tattoo's my sister and daughter have in there homes. I thought a tree tattoo would look nice here...and then hang pictures of our family in the branches, sort of like a family tree.  

This is the South wall

The tree trunk would be in the corner and the branches would reach across the wall.

Then I remembered that the walls are textured and that the tattoo would look kind of rippled and might not stick all over. I looked some more and found these stencils:

A long, long time ago I did some work for a company called Plaid and in one of the goodie bags they gave me there was a 3 piece stencil set of a pot of ivy. It sort of looked like this:

Only difference was that it was a 3 piece stencil. I didn't stencil it, instead I used a medium and plastered and then painted it. The result was 3D, it was like having a real flower pot on the wall, actually 5 flower pots. It was a lot of work but I really, really liked it and from what my daughter tells me - it's still on the wall, so it's held up for over 10 years!

I know I can do this, and I would love to do this....I think I'm going to do this! The plan is plastering the tree in white on the grey wall and hanging the photos in nice wood frames. When I do I'll be sure to take some step by step photos and share the results!

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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