Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wingback Chair

When we were living in Waipahu I had purchased 2 comfy wicker chairs, just so we could have some kind of seating in our room. They don't have the ones we had anymore, but they kind of looked like this:

When I got the promotion to manage the apartments I was looking forward to getting more use out of the chairs.

Sadly I came to realize that they were ok to sit a bit, but to sit in them to watch a movie, with your legs up on a hassock - not very comfortable. Roger saw my discomfort and he bought me a nice chunky recliner.

Those of you that have been to our place in Hawaii know that I LOVE my leather is so comfortable. If you have been in our home, and I let you sit in my chair - I hope you know that it was a big honor.

When the time comes for us to move, we won't taking our furniture with us. If we were military, that would be one thing, but on our own dime....Let's just say, as much as I love the chair, furniture just doesn't have that sentimental value to make it worth while to ship.

Considering the size of the front room at the ranch and the couch that we already have, a big recliner like the one I have here, is out of the question. We both seem to be on the same page that we want older style furniture, not contemporary. Somewhere on that road I've fallen in love with wingback chairs. It would fit perfectly in our style.

While browsing thru pinterest (my latest addiction) I came across this chair and can totally see it in our house.

The lines, the color, the contrast..just love it! Just the price, $3000 - I am in no way in love with that.

Last year I found a woman on craigslist, that lives near the house, and she reupholsters furniture. Maybe she'll be able to make a vintage chair look like this one for me.

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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