Monday, May 14, 2012

Hawaiian words

You may have noticed, Hawaiian words have snuck their way into my vocabulary...thought I'd share some of the ones I use the most with you.

Manini - small (oh, that's Manini kine problem)

Mauke - Mountains (they even use this term in weather and traffic reports)

Mele Kalikemaka - That's Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you...

Niele - Nosy

Ohana - Family

Okole - Butt, bottom (I fell on my Okole)

Ono - tasty (ono kine grinds (food))

Pau - Done, finished (All Pau eat)

Pau Hana - done with work (we have Pau Hana traffic this evening)

Pilau - Messy, dirty, smelly ( oh! Dat Pilau!)

Pilikia - trouble

Puka - hole - (get one puka in my slippah (flip flop))

Tutu - Older woman, Aunty

Ua - The smell of the first rain (I love the smell of the ua)

Wahine - Woman/Women

Mahalo - Thank you

Lanai - Porch

Kokua - help, assistance (thanks for your Kokua)

Keiki - Children ( some restaurants offer Keiki free day, which means they eat for free)

Kama'aina - Local, from here ( some stores offer Kama'aina rates)

Kau kau - to each (we go Kau kau)

Humuhumunukunukua'pua'a - word for word - Fish that grunts like a pig - given name is the picaso fish - it is the State fish

Honu - Turtle

Pupu's = Appetizer

Holo Holo - to go on an outting (come, we go holo holo!)

Kuipo - my sweet heart

Aloha - Hello, good bye and love, Aloha is also a state of mind, the way to do things (show some Aloha, spread the aloha, Hawaii is the Aloha State)

Aloha a Hui Hou -  Good bye, until we meet again!

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