Monday, January 23, 2012

On to the next!

The next room we will be working on is our kitchen and the first thing to change is the floor.

Right now there is vinyl, really bad vinyl. Around the edges of the room there is a black line and we thought it was mold. The home inspector told us it's the glue the holds the vinyl down. Guess they used so much that it just oozed out from underneath the flooring.

Can you see the dark line along the bottom? That's sticky glue!
 When we were there last summer I got down on hands and knees to scrub the floor - didn't make much of a difference. Which was another reason to get new flooring.

The contractor looked under the vinyl and there is no hidden hard wood floor. Shucks. So we decided to put in the same tile as we have in the bathroom. From what Lisa says it's really hard tile and should hold up well.

It will cover the floor, the two steps down to the landing and the landing. I'm hoping to get a sunken floor mat on the landing. We will see if it is possible.

The doorway to the right leads out side and down to the basement.
We've decided that the tiles should run North/South

They are starting to rip it up this week or next.

Aloha Hui hou!

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