Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't know what I want

I know what you're thinking - NO woman knows what she wants! But up till 2 days ago, I really DID know what kind of kitchen cabinets I wanted. I swear!

It all hit me when we went to Home Depot to take a look at counter top options. Although I would like granite or manufactured stone, I'm realistic, It's not in the budget right now. It can be revisited down the road. We grabbed a bunch of samples to compare with a piece of our floor tile that Lisa is mailing to us...

And THEN I saw the cabinet samples and thought I'd take a look there. Very bad call. Looking at the distressed cabinet samples - I was not happy with what I was seeing. If you looked at one door, it looked nice enough, but when  you looked at it as a whole kitchen - it was over done, made it look really cheap and got me doubting what I had picked out.

What hasn't changed is that I want shaker cabinet doors:

The last kitchen I bought was shaker style and I really like it. I would like all edges to be straight on the lower cabs.

I would like upper cabinets to have an arch on the top (this one has profile - don't want that - want a shaker with an arch)

What I'm unsure about is the surface. Painted or just stained? or painted and stained? or painted, distressed and glazed? or, or, or......
Painted a cream/vanilla color and distressed - just not as much as here.
See what I mean? One door would be nice, but all of them...petty much the same = too much

I know that my doors are custom made and will get a custom paint job. But what can I expect? Will it look tacky? or will it be just enough? of should I just opt for painted and let time do the rest?

I just know me....I handed my toys down to my kids in very good condition, I really took care of my things. Broke my heart that they didn't take care of my things like I did.

If I opt for not distressed....and it gets a ding or a scratch...I'm going to be pretty upset.

What a dilemma!

Aloha Hui Hou!


  1. I've never liked distressed....

    1. Back in Germany I had an antique china cabinet and an antique armoire that was turned into a curio cabinet. I crocheted lace for the trim of each shelf....I loved them and was really sad to let them go. Their distressing came with time...what I saw there was too much of a good thing.

      There was a comic about someone buying antique furniture. Guy went to the antique store looking for some antique furniture. He asked the sales man how old the armoire is. The sales man was standing there with a shot gun loaded with buckshot, pointed at the furniture and said "how old do you want it to be?"

    2. I like antiques, but I like them in good condition, not all beaten up!

    3. Of course! I do want it to show some age though....I guess that's just me and how I like it.


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