Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dare to compare

Another big change will be our electric bill. That means we have a "power" battle...drum role please......

HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) VS Idaho Power (drawing by me)

When we were living in Waikiki, we were hardly ever home, never used the AC and our electric bill was about 100 bucks a month. Currently, electricity is part of our rent so I cant tell you what we are paying per KW/h of electricity. But I did find out that a residential user, in 2010, paid $0.2547 for 1 KW of electricity.  By now I'm sure it's much more...Kinda funny that they are not posting the 2011 or 2012 $/KW rate don't'cha think?...just sayin...

Recently, in the news, they have been talking about the cost of electricity going up because the cost of everything that is connected with getting the things we need to make electricity in the first place is going up. Here on the islands, EVERYTHING has to be shipped the most isolated place on earth - Hawaii. Can you hear it?  CHA- CHING!

So, let's look at our electric bill in Idaho. We do have the power running at the house so we can keep the furnace running to protect the plumbing and keep the house from getting musty. ANYway... now hold on to your seats - 1 KW of electricity in Idaho costs......$0.066. I KNOW!! RIGHT?? Can you believe it? Compared to HECO in 2010 it is about only 25% of what it costs here. - if not less.


Aloha Hui Hou!


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