Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So! They've finished the bath (except for the shower surround) and we are very pleased! Stiff white chick doing the happy dance here....lol

They put the medicine cabinet in - I can take it out to fix it up when we get there and then I get to paint! We'll see if all that HGTV watching comes in handy...lol

So with no further ado......Our new bathroom!

I hope that will be enough light...nah, just kidding

With the hardware we picked out

Look at that! Isn't it beautiful! Smooth lines, no place for dust to collect....I love it!

Wow! All nice and white! Doesn't it look great?
I merged the two pics that I have to make this one pic. The lighting is a bit different and the angle was too, but you get the idea. 
This is the timer for the bathroom exhaust. 

The exhaust is in the light. 

Aloha Hui Hou!


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    1. Thank you!!! We're very pleased and excited to finish it up :o)


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