Monday, January 9, 2012

Ma' Pipes

Yes, we bought an older home. Yes, we knew that we had to update a few things.

One of the things we knew we had to tackle was our plumbing.

When we had the home inspection the inspector said that the water was coming in surges. Like it never got enough pressure to flow. Lots of back and forth with the plumber who said there was a problem and the selling realtor saying there isn't and nothing got fixed. Just one of the other unhappy things that came up when we bought the house. The home owners warranty insurance we took out when we bought the house came and looked and sang the insurance song of my life - "I'm so sorry, your policy just doesn't cover that"

While there in July, Roger discovered that when he was watering the trees the pressure in the house was just fine. Turned out that the pressure tank in the well house was leaking. We told our then contractor that and that getting it fixed is one of our top priorities.

Well, we were already home from our trip in July when we remembered that we had forgotten to turn off the electricity to the pump. Bad thing was that even if no water was being used the pump kept switching on and off...Click, click, click...this in turn was wearing out the pump. We didn't want to buy a new pump so we tried to get in touch with the contractor, to see if he might be in the area to turn it of the reasons he is NO LONGER our contractor.

Anyway, long story short we had the contact information of the guy that told us that there is something wrong in the first place and after a couple of weeks we had a new pressure tank.

Another thing we noticed was that the water didn't taste too great and the faucets were pretty gunked up.  Based on the photos that Angela took for us we knew that the pipes were galvanized pipes and most likely have a lot of deposit and rust in them.

Thanks to our new, fabulous contractors every inch of plumbing throughout the house has been replaces. They also relocated the plumbing for the washing machine and put in lines for the dishwasher and ice maker. Last, but not least, they even removed the outside spigots and put in 2 frost proof ones! Every bit of progress counts!

The true test will come when we go back to the house and see how the water tastes. If it still takes funky we might have to consider a water purification system...oh and also a water softener....Always something! Not quite a money pit...but a money sucker for

Aloha Hui Hou!

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  1. "I'm so sorry, your policy just doesn't cover that" lol, I know that song!


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