Friday, January 27, 2012

North/South? East/West?

The kitchen tile floor is a lot more thought intense than I ever imagined. Should it run North/South? East/West? Metal on the edge of the steps? Bullnose the steps?

One thing I was very sure of was that I didn't want one of those metal things on the edge of the steps or over the transition from the front room to the kitchen. We have them here and they are a pain in the neck to clean.

I am also discovering that every thought I am having on how I would like to have things done in the house is becoming a choice ruled by how much effort it will be to clean! When it boils down to it I guess I AM a Putzteufel! But one that wants everything stream lined for EASY cleaning.

Anyway - I

One of my thoughts/worries was how that tile edge will look on the stairs. There is no V tile available that could go over the edge. Lisa sent me a pic of what the tile will look like when cut - an edge that you would see - no way to hide it...

I wasn't thrilled with the thought that it would be a white line.

Last night Lisa wrote me, letting me know that there is a way to stain that edge. They did a sample that shows it will stain - but not the final color we'll wind up with.

Getting a little bit closer to what I could be happy with.

My next thought is that if the tiles run North to South the edge of the stairs would be several cuts, like a row of teeth. I thought maybe, when we reach that edge we could run a tile East to West.

See the one small piece? Upper left side?
so if you look at the stairs there would be, at the most - one vertical grout line per step edge.

Hey, don't laugh! At least I tried to give you the picture! lol 
See what I mean? The tile in the room runs North to South till you get to the stairs. Less cuts, nicer flow. I am sure that the stairs are wider than the one row of tile that I've drawn here. But they can stager it, hiding the cut where the step hits the riser.

I like the thought of one cut/grout line on each step, better than the thought of a row of teeth.

Aloha Hui Hou!

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