Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Poor Lamp

I was so happy with the driftwood lamp I made last Summer. It looked so unique and special and was so us.

When we returned in December I was sad to see that the driftwood couldn't take the tension of being clamped around the inner post of the lamp and it cracked.

I first tried screwing it back together, but I couldn't make the screw go where I wanted it to go and it didn't look good.

Next try was to glue and clamp it together. Did that and when I took it apart the wood just pulled apart again.

What to do?

Then I thought, we have so many shells, I could wrap silver wire around the wood to hold it together and glue a shell over the twisted wire.....that might do the trick.

On the day that we were out and about I found a box of small porcelain shell ornaments and hubby and I both agreed that one of them would work out perfectly. And it did!

What'cha think?

Aloha A Hui Hou!


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