Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Lesson in Feeding Birds

When we were at the house during the Summer there were a lot of birds flying around and we thought there might be just as much in the winter...

And you know what? We were right.

There were a lot of birds. So many we decided to get a bird feeder.

We filled it with a fancy mix, tossed some feed on the ground and hung the feeder just out side our kitchen window and waited for all the birds to show up.

And we waited

and waited

and waited.....

The birds (chickadees) would go for the stuff on the ground, but wouldn't go near the feeder.

Maybe it was too close to the window? So I moved it out a bit. Still no birds - only Hubby bumping his head on the darn thing.

Maybe we have stupid birds? Or birds that have never seen a feeder before? Maybe we have to have to train them?

I put a pile of feed on the ground and let the birds come and eat.

After I knew they would eat in that spot I put the feeder on it and they started checking out the feeder.

Last step was to hang the feeder back up and EURIKA! They started eating out of the feeder!

It was fun to watch them eat and defend their feeder.

Hope the seeds last a while.....Wonder if any other birds found the feeder?  Guess we will have to wait till we live there to know for sure.

Aloha A Hui Hou!

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