Monday, January 7, 2013

And Then There Was Light

Hubby has developed a new hobby - collecting kerosine lamps.

Last summer he was just buying up what came his way and looked halfway decent.

We wound up with about 10 or so lamps.

Once we got back home he started researching it more, ordered books on lamps, on the history and types of lamps. He became a regular

Kerosine Lamp Guru

So on this trip we took a look at what we already had and only one was a real antique. The rest were modern kerosine lamps.

He was on a mission to find genuine antiques, and that he did.

All of the lamps he found are from the 1800's....Imagine the stories they could tell!.

The brass one is an electric lamp and not part of his collection.

This one is a special beauty:

This lamp can be height adjusted. Either low for reading or up high to shed more light in the room. Very cool. We also have a hand painted globe that fits over the top part, but the original owner dropped and cracked it. She glued it back together, but I'm not sure what kind of glue she used and if it can take the heat when the lamp is on so we'll only put it on there for looks, not for use.

Now all that's missing to make the room complete is one to hang over the dining table (that has been electrified). Happy hunting!

Aloha A Hui Hou!

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