Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wild Life

Never thought that we could just sit and enjoy watching birds from our kitchen window.

But we did!

In addition to the chickadees we had Eurasian Magpies.

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These birds are huge! 

I hear they are not very nice birds, but they can't be shot because they are protected migratory birds. I guess I'll be chasing birds.

We also had a pheasant stop by for a visit.

I think it has a nest in the high weeds behind the tree.

On our last day we found a hawk in the shop

We have a hole in the roof where the chimney from a wood stove used to be. We used to have something stuffed in that hole, but the sun and the heat broke the plastic down, it crumbled apart and the hole is open again. We're guessing that she (guess it's a she) slipped in thru that hole and couldn't find her way back out. 

We left the garage door open so she could fly out and stuffed that hole right up again. Hope it doesn't fall in before we come for our next visit and trap another bird!

Looking forward to seeing more wild life....wonder what we'll see next.

Aloha A Hui Hou!

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