Friday, June 22, 2012


A while back I wrote about getting new doors. So here is the front door and we love it!

Come on in!

Cute story about the door knob. Last year hubby and I went to Home Depot here in Hawaii and picked out this door knob.  Thinking if we pick it out in advance, when we have the time it would make things go faster when we're there.

We thought wrong. We went to every Home Depot and Hardware store between the house and Boise and couldn't find it, until the very last one. All others said they didn't carry the brand, It was being phased out. At the last one we were able to get the style, but not the color. We bought it, just so we could have a new lock on the door, since the house had been up for sale for so long.

When we got home and wanted to install the lock - the holes that were in the existing door were the wrong size and in the wrong place. We wound up put in a cheap-ie for the time being.

So as the delivery of the door was getting closer and I asked Lisa to order the door knob in the right color. Bad news was that she couldn't find it. Not the style, not the brand, nothing. 

I thought I'd  go to the place we originally found the door knob, maybe we'd get lucky, find out where we could get a replacement. 

Looking thru the shelves, they didn't have the brand anymore either. We looked and looked, nothing. A sales person asked if he could help us and I told him what we were looking for. He informed us that they no longer carried the brand and they only had a couple left in stock, up on the upper shelf (shorty me couldn't see it).

And there it was - exactly the one we were looking for. Exactly. So what did we do? We bought it, packed it and brought it "home". 

It was it was waiting for us

Aloha a Hui Hou!

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