Monday, June 18, 2012

Front Room Revisited

As a quick reminder, here are a couple of before pics of the West end of the front room:

In this part of the front room the only updates that were done are the kind that don't have a lot of visual impact. We had new windows put in and had them framed out like the window in the bathroom. The electrical was updated to 3 prong sockets (grounded). Lastly, the hardwood floor was sanded and resealed.

We didn't put the a/c back in and don't plan to either. The house is naturally cool and it only gets uncomfortable when a lot of people were inside. When we finally move in and we can agree on one we'll put in a ceiling fan and add more insulation in the attic.

My color and style vision for the room was beach cottage. I'm not so sure that the color I picked out is the color the girl mixed for me, but it still looks good.

The love seat was one of the pieces that Roger's parents gave us last year, as well as the side tables. The fabric was a purple floral print that didn't go to well with our colors, but a slip cover took care of that.

While we were there we also found a pair of wingback chairs that recline. Nice and comfy with brown slip covers. Just what I was looking for. They seem sturdy enough to someday be worth reupholstering.

I bought the chest last year and wanted it as a coffee table, but now with everything in place I realize it's too big. So for now it is place to put the TV, until the carpenter re works the hutch. After that we'll see what I'll do with it. 

When thinking of a rug, my mind was all over the place. I was looking at rugs that were ocean themed and more traditional rugs. I had even looked at those new traditional looking rugs that they make to look old and very warn, but  they were pretty pricey and I was just not willing to pay that price.

Then I discovered this rug at Home Goods and fell in love. It had the colors I liked, the blue, although you might not be able to tell, matches the wall paint, brown like the wingback chairs (for now) and touch of nice sandy brown like the slip cover. The red will be my POP! of color in the room. It also feels great to walk on. 

Before we left I ordered Honeycomb blinds (for the front room and bedrooms), but they won't be installed till later this month. 

We will be getting the simple version of this (only opens one way)

Finally, somewhere down the line I would like to put up wood trim, cornice boxes and get some wood on the ceiling. Like this, but not totally.

All in all, we love it and can't wait to work on it some more.

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. Hi Heidi! Everything is looking great!! Check out this photo, it's how I'm going to do the corners of my beadboard - easy peasy!!! Hope the link works...

    This lady has some AWESOME ideas! Cheers!

    1. Anne you are a cornucopia of information - I'm happy I found you <3

  2. Yep,that's me, the walking encyclopaedia!! lol Thanks Heidi, I'm glad I found you too xox


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