Thursday, June 21, 2012

Got an Idea for the Hallway Built In

A little while back I wrote about our hallway built in

and I was pondering what I wanted to do with it. Compared to all the other built ins in the house, this is in pretty good condition and I would like to keep it, but what to do with it?

While we were there I decided to get a new front and doors made for the light room closet, a white stained ash is what I think I finally decided on (which is the same wood that we are having the murphy bed built in the wood room).

I went on to think I might get the same thing done with the built in...that is until today....just now, when I saw the Lake Girl Paints: Sand and Shells Dresser post. Love the distressed look and the colors go well with the space. I would just do it a bit lighter because the hallway is a bit dark. I would definitely still go for the vintage glass knobs that would match the glass doorknobs we put on the bedroom doors.

What do you think?

Aloha a Hui Hou!


  1. Nice to meet you Heidi Lisa!
    Your built-in is fabulous extra storage.
    Oh ya, glass knobs and paint texture would be great. Along with that, you could remove the two large doors and put sisal baskets on shelves.
    Or you could remove the two large doors and shelves inside and put a huge piece of graphic art in the center (like the nest of eggs pic)...
    Fun to brainstorm all of the possibilities.
    Thanks for the include,

    1. Aloha Deb! Thanks for stopping by...can't wait ( but I'll have to) to get over there and paint a bit!

      I'll keep you posted!


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